A local American Eagle store want to create an individual account targeted toward their New Orleans' customer base. 

Style Picks The Week

Each week, outfits are created based on new items in stock or local events in the area. I would create different types of post displaying the outfits while incorporating the store's current music playlist. 

TikTok AE Fitting Room Challenge 

When the leadership team asked for the stores to tap into more social media apps, I created the AE Fitting Room Challenge. We created TikTok and Boomerang videos with employees and customers. The goal was to have customers try our new arrivals in a new and fun way that could lead to sales. 

Promotional Post

I would create posts to advertise events, promos, and contests. I also coordinate social ads with the mall's social media manager. 

Mannequin Color Stories 

A few months ago, AE starting a Color Stories marketing campaign in the store. I created the idea of replacing the front table mannequins with our associates in our new arrivals. I also add a song "Plot Twist" from our AE store playlist.  

Stylist of the Week

Stylist of the week video is to highlight our employees and their personal style on our Instagram Stories.