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ANF's Portfolio

My name is Allena Natchez Fleming. I love thrift stores, reality shows, musical theater and marketing!!!


My whole life, I have been in the Performing Arts but one day my passion created a new passion. In college, I started an art festival where I became responsible for marketing and digital media. That is where my digital creative explosion began. After college, I started a marketing internship and began receiving social media clients. I am ready to share my marketing talents and ideas with more brand to help share their unique story.


With my determination, problem-solving and leadership, I am capable of enabling your brand or idea with tools to reach its potential.



Personal Accounts 



My passion for content creation was realized through my personal Instagram account and blog site.  

I wanted to add new content to my pages other than just selfies. I started creating videos of local businesses that I visited and the products I have used.  Some of my work has been featured on the pages of these businesses.


Later, I created a page called @nolasocialgirl to share my experiences in New Orleans, LA. I started taking more photos of the beauty of the world around me. It has given me the freedom to try different methods. 

ACCENT New Orleans

Events Coordinator


In addition to working on events, I have worked on the company's rebranding, website and social media for Facebook and Instagram accounts. I contribute ideas to the marketing plan, content scheduling, video productions and do live streams of parade and events on various platforms. ​

FestiGals New Orleans

Social Media Manager 


FestiGals is a three-day women's weekend in New Orleans that also conducts events all year around. I work with the social media team on content, website management, marketing strategies, e-newsletters & online ads on a daily basis. 

During the festival weekend, I edited and posted event updates and content on-site. 

Freelance Social Media Manager

I have done freelance social media management and content creation for small fashion brands, environmental groups, political figures & social awareness accounts.   


I was in charge of creating original content and scheduled content and videos to their social media platforms. I also handled engagement. The engagement of each account increased between 50% and 75%. I learned about how different brands work and what different audiences are looking for. 

NOLA ChristmasFest

Marketing Intern 


After college, I started as a marketing intern for a holiday festival called NOLA ChristmasFest. I created blog posts, social media content, e-blast and content calendars.

As a marketing intern, I worked on the NOLA ChristmasFest account in conjugation with a professional marketing company. I learned about the idea of using social media as a resource to captivate an audience. 

The Movement Arts Festival

Founder/ Digital Communication Manager/ Event Coordinator 

In college, I created an arts festival called The Movement. It was a visual and performing arts that saw about 500 guests in the first two years. 

I was in charge of the social media and digital content for the festival. I ran Facebook ads and created original content to sell tickets. We sold around 250 tickets via social media. Working on this project opened my mind up to creative brainstorm methods and creating reliable content for your audience.  

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